GREEN WALL - Roosevelt Station

 July 20, 2016

 Damien Gilley's “Cloud Architectureis now at the Roosevelt Station construction site. 

“This work depicts architectures as skeletal frameworks, representing the housing and neighborhoods the transit center will serve. ...

This piece plays upon the combination of clouds and architecture as a concept of invisibility, becoming, and the indeterminacy of structure, especially as we kinetically experience it by moving by. The structure is made visible by and dependent on the colored atmosphere." -Damien Gilley

View this artwork on the NW corner - at the intersection of 12th Avenue NE & NE 65th Street in Seattle. 



July 20, 2016

Kelda Martensen's Beneath the Buoyed Moon is currently installed on NE 65th Street at 12th Ave NE at the Sound Transit Roosevelt Station construction site.

  "The elements in this installation fall together playfully, creating a sense of openness and air in an otherwise dense and busy district of our city. Though large, simplified and bold enough to read from a distance, this composition evokes a smaller, more quiet and poetic gesture. The design speaks to wind, water, cosmic space, mountains, and the green of our forests. Soaring lines that weave in and around the structure and buoyant planetary forms allude to a future of exploration and movement. This piece is a glimpse into an optimistic future where progress and innovation thrive nestled within the great shapes of our natural world." - Kelda Martensen

For a time lapse video of the installation:

To learn more about the artists: