Sunday, January 31, 2016

"Progression Grid" - Allyce Wood

Allyce Wood's 3-panel installation was recently installed on the Gold Wall. The black and white, site-specific series acts as a mirror of the rapidly changing city. A collection of arranged abstracted lines and shapes which both reference and comment on the enveloping area.

From the artist: ‘Progression Grid’ is a graphic mural intended to explore the elements of change brought by development and the passing of time. In a reference to the city that surrounds it, abstracted images culminate to describe elements of expansion, inclusion, and evolution as brought by both cultural and natural efforts.

The three panels act as a triptych, and can be read sequentially from either direction or as a complete single image. Each panel is broken up into a grid of cells; each is painted with symbols and patterns that reference the new language of modern symbols (arrows, stone, leaves, architecture, folded fabric, etc.) Abstracted patterns describe the flow of time and the archaeological settling of material.

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Monday, May 18, 2015

"Life Cycle" - baldman watching

Life Cycle by Baldman Watching, 2015

Seattle street artist, Baldman Watching, created an art banner that is now in residence on the southern side of the light rail construction site on NE 43rd Street, between Brooklyn and University Way aka "The Ave". From the artist - "The piece reflects the cycle of life represented through color and line density; earth growing nature and birthing human, earth and sky joining together to create life, and death - making a whole integrated cycle."

Life Cycle by Baldman Watching, 2015
Baldman Watching also recently completed an ephemeral indoor mural in South Lake Union. Documentation of past projects can also be found here.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

"U District B Side" - Emily Gussin

Installed on the NE 43rd Street gate on the eastern side of the Gold Wall in the U-District, this artwork introduces what will be, as the surrounding art grows, a collection of beautiful and unique stories.

U District B Side by Emily Gussin, 2015

Shiga in the mural, is a reference to Andy Shiga; a pacifist, a champion of freedom, minority equality, and anti-war causes. The store he started, and that still bears his name, has been a U-District fixture since the late 1950’s.

This artwork tells the history of the U-District, illustrating stories and events that helped make the neighborhood what it is today. The artist, Emily Gussin, spent time in the U-District to get a good feel for scale and researching content and context. She included historical references both in wording and imagery.  The mural’s street names refer to the old street names from the former "Brooklyn" neighborhood: Broadway is today's Brooklyn NE and Dartmouth is today's NE 43rd Street. View a map of old street names from 1893 can be found here.

Additional artworks will soon be on view at the U-District, Roosevelt, and Northgate construction sites.